Trading Histories

Last stall

Our last Trading Histories stall in the Castle Market will be next week (beginning 29th July). The stalls have been a wonderful experience and we have learn so much about the history of the Castle Market from the people that work and shop there.

Do you have a memory that you can share with us? Or a photograph or object bought in the market that you can show us? Then please come down to the market and find us in between Sharon’s Cafe and the Customer Information desk. The stories we are told will become part of an exhibition to be held in October and a booklet, as well as adding to the information shared on this website. We will also be handing over all our information to the city archives to form a resource for people learning about Sheffield’s markets in the future.

Your story is important however small you might think it is! So please come and visit the stall between Monday 29th July and Saturday 3rd August (except for Thursday) between 1o:00 and  and 15:30!