Trading Histories

Steve’s Story

Tea stood up, teenage fashions, banter, community.

Steve was born in 1955 in Parson Cross. His mum was a factory nurse and his dad was a welder.

Steve remembers going to the market with his mother and having a cup of tea:

‘There was a couple of major bus routes there so nearly every weekend I would come into town with me mother and quite often in this very building we would, mum would do her shopping, buy lots of her fruit here and things like that. And I always remember, whenever she finished her shopping we used to go to one of the cafes up on the, up inside the fish market. And have a cup of, well we called it a ‘cup of tea stood up’,because there were no seats we just went to the counter, and so we would have a cup of tea.’

As a teenager, Steve bought his clothes in the market:

‘My favourite memory of the market here is in 1967-68 when I was just at secondary school and I was starting to think about fashion in a way that I hadn’t done before. And there was a shop in the market here called Harrington’s, which is only just disappeared; it was there a couple of years ago.  And there was a style of popular jacket at that time called the Harrington, and purely by coincidence Harrington’s sold Harringtons and I came in, and I tried two or three on with me mum, tried two or three on, and it was a toss up between a black one and a Prince of Wales Jacket, and I ended up getting the Prince of Wales Check.

Castle Market in 1968. Courtesy of Sheffield Newspapers

Castle Market in 1968. Courtesy of Sheffield Newspapers

And I remember I bought my first Fred Perry in there and I still wear Fred Perrys till this day.  I bought a Ben Sherman in there and think I’m right in saying that I got my Levi’s, my first pair of Levi’s, in there as well. So these are my fondest memories of the market is when I first started thinking about fashion.’

Steve still comes to the market with his wife:

‘Me and my wife come about once a week or so, to get all our fruit and veggies and we usually stock up on meat…always a great day shopping out here, and I love when you go into the fish and meat market, I love the smells and they attack your senses right away, a little bit overpowering if you’re not used to it, but once you get it it’s a really good place…Four Seasons – it’s the best place for veg in Sheffield in my mind…And Simons…get all my meat from Simon, and usually I have a ten minute banter with him and he’s great cos he just takes the Mickey out of everybody and you kind of think ‘Well I’m a customer you shouldn’t be taking the Mickey out of me!’ then you realise it’s Simon and you start to exchange your banter with him and we’ve been doing that for last twelve to fifteen years, and so it’s good fun’.

Steve believes there is a community to shopping in the market which you don’t get elsewhere:

‘Even now we regularly come in and go to Sallie’s on Saturday morning and I’ll have a bagel or sandwich, and just sit and enjoy talking to people. There is a kind of community to shopping in the market that doesn’t really exist in other types of high street shops’