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Debbie’s Shopping Basket

Debbie's Shopping Basket

Debbie’s Shopping Basket

A wicker shopping basket.

The basket was passed to me by my Grandma Ethel Powell. She lived in Wincobank. She was in her 90s when she passed away but the basket was passed to her youngest daughter Pat Mayor who used it to shop for a short while. Then when I had my first daughter Emma, around 31 years ago, I used it to put toiletries, nappies, etc. in. I continued to use it ’til my son Timothy was born, he’s 28 years old, so it had been in continuous use for approximately 60 years. My youngest daughter Alicia used the basket for an Easter Parade when she was around 7 years old, she’s now 16 years old. Just after that it earned its retirement and now sits on a shelf in my bedroom.

I remember where it was bought, from the Norfolk Market Hall on Smith’s stall. They later moved to the Castle Market. I have continued to buy bags and toys from them for family and friends.

Debra Jane Mayor