Trading Histories

The New Market Charter

A new Market Charter for 2013. Written collaboratively at a workshop with Ian McMillan.

“Eyup, it’s fresh in ‘ere!”

Nah then yore
Duz tha kno’
Thiz a market ‘ere
Six days a week?

Nah then yore,
Eyup ah’r kid!
Breadcakes, teacakes,
‘alibut, cod.
Pooerk ‘n ‘ aslet
Chicklin ‘n’ bag
Taters, caulies
Peyz ‘n” sprouts
Knickers, booits
Cooerts ‘n’ ‘ats
Bunnies ‘n’ budgies
Boooks ‘n’ biros
Endo’s Relish
Owt tha wants
Carbolic Soo-erp? – Twenty-Seven Pence



These being witnesses:
Barbara Jones
Steve Bush
Hannah Baxter
Mark Sheridan
George Buckley
Pam Keally
Ian McMillan

The Fifteenth day of January (2013)