Trading Histories

New Market Charter (Pt. 2)

A new Market Charter for 2013. Written collaboratively at a workshop with Ian McMillan.

My dream is of a market,
A market full of gold.
Ready Steady – Start it!”
Keep the stories that we’ve told
Even though it’s going
The tales just keep on growing

Charters are a marker
Holding all the rules
Accumulating data
Reaching wise folk, reaching fools
Tell it to the masses
Everlasting as time passes
Round the castle, take a tour,
Stroll up Fargate, down The Moor!

T Davies
Moira Campbell
Stephen Harpham
Sue Harpham
Pamela Courtenay
Steve Bush
Hannah Baxter
Ian McMillan
Vibecke Yrstad
Laura Alston
David Harpham
Pam Berrisford