Trading Histories

Moira’s Market Morning

A poem by Ian McMillan and Moira Campbell.

Moira Campbell was originally from Liverpool but moved to Sheffield with her husband when they got married. She had never shopped in a market like the Castle Market before but her mother-in-law taught her how. A mortgage on her first house meant she had to be careful, but it was difficult not to be tempted by the sweet stalls.

I was trying to walk past the Acid Drop stall,
For cheaper meat at t’other end
I didn’t know what “Gee’or” meant
But I’ve a little money to spend
We feel as if we’re floating rich
Tempted by some tripe
I couldn’t find the buthcer’s pitch
But the fruit was really ripe,
Now it’s time for a cuppa,
At Sallie’s, and a bun
Then I’ll buy a stuffed cat,
A mousetrap, then I’m done