Trading Histories

Farewell Castle Market

A poem by Linda Koncowoj.


Farewell, Castle Market, dear and trusty friend
You were always there for me over so much of my life
Along with your companion, the Sheaf Market
You provided me with life’s necessities

From my teenage years, when you opened your doors
Through all life’s ups and downs you were there
Most weeks I would visit you at least twice
Or even more on some weeks

Except for ten years when living in Wales
Even then I could not keep away
I am sure you were a part of why
I visited my hometown so frequently

So many memories you hold for me
Over your forty-six years of existence
Shopping for special and mundane items
One most specific silver cake stand

Bought as a present for my parents
Twenty-five years married, they were
And I was a teenager, showing I cared
So proud I was of this acquisition

My mum treasured it until her death
Sixteen years, and more ago now
She was a regular shopper with you too
And at you predecessor, the rag and tag

As well as within your walls
We would meet at one of your cafes
And chat about her life and mine
Until she went to a better place

I have bought endless cards at your stall downstairs
Until it was closed sometime recently
Now abiding in Rotherham I have found
Another similar one in my town market

The new glass construction will be genteel
But I can’t see it being loved like you
By me or any future Sheffield individual
And its position is difficult for so many.